About Cocotutti

Since 2010, CocoTutti has been producing delicious, colorful individual chocolates.  Elyce (The Chocolatier / Owner) started with classic recipes, then updated them, and created the majority of our fine, divine chocolates from scratch.  Many of our recipes start with our housemade jams and marmalades – which start with organic fruit from our local farmers’ market.  Our nut filled items start with our housemade peanut or hazelnut butter.  And our tea infusions utilize processes that we’ve created – maximizing the tea flavor, while preventing bitterness.

How CocoTutti Got Started

Elyce (The Chocolatier / Owner) - My personal interest in cooking started waaaay back.  My earliest memories are of crawling around the kitchen floor while my Mom cooked in our home.  As I grew up, I helped make the family meals as well as trying out new recipes.  Later, I put myself through college by working – and several of those jobs included cooking.  Once out of college, and on my own, I’d invite friends over for meals – the longest one was a lunch that took 10 hours!  Every course was paired with wine, and served about an hour or so after the last one.  Yes, definitely into food.

So back in 2004, my husband and I were on a weekend getaway up to Tahoe when we passed through Sacramento at the time of the State Fair.  We stopped in and wandered around and, naturally, ended up at the cooking contests.  Colorful jars of jam stood in lit cases with cards noting their awards.  Pickles and cookies and cakes in other cases.  A judging was going on, so we sat and watched.  I decided to enter a future competition and I did.  I won several contests.  I became hooked and entered the following years, each time creating more chocolates, cakes, cookies, and jams, and taking home more and more ribbons.  Speed up to 2010, and I had entered several items in three categories and won Best of Show in two of those categories.  My husband and my best friend both told me that I was always happier in the kitchen than at work, and why not try selling something … maybe chocolate?

A short time later I took a table at a pop-up market and sold 10 or 15 boxes of caramels including one from a recipe that I had developed.  I was thrilled!  From there, I started selling chocolates and caramels at other events, wineries, and chocolate shows up and down the West Coast – all the time developing new recipes and techniques. In 2012, I started to transition from my day job to my passion (CocoTutti).

Now I have fun at my “job” all year ‘round.  In summer I made the jams and marmalades that I use in our products.  Starting in September through Mother’s Day, I and my part-time assistants make chocolates and caramels and truffles.


Have a questions about our products, artwork, or where we're going to be?  Fill in the contact information below and I will get back to you once I'm out of the kitchen...

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