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Chic(k) Chocolate Tasty delights from women chocolatiers and confections from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Indulge in and support CocoTutti Chocolates, Bert's Bites, Jade Chocolate, and  NeoCocoa Confections.    Two sizes.  Why Chic(k)?  Because the chocolate is award-winningly chic.  Chic(k) - we're gals!  Small, woman-owned businesses originating in the SF Bay Area!


CocoCurated Everything Coco!  A large box of our chocolate - you choose from full size or minis, with nuts or without.  Which flavor bars?  And roasted almond toffee?  Or something wihtout nuts?  Which color ribbon?  What do you want your complimentary greeting card to say?  So many decisions!