The cart is empty

Alert !!!

We had a great time at the NW Chocolate Festival this last weekend.

But a heads up - on Sunday night, our van was broken into while in Tukwila.  The thieves took ... our remaining chocolate (which they re-packed into one of our small coolers and also took the dry ice we had just purchased), our packaging, our labels, our signage, our chef's jackets, our order forms, our office box, and our table clothes.  Apparently they wanted to set up shop in Tukwila under our name!  They also took our clip board that people used to jot down their email addresses so that we could contact them when we planned to be in Seattle next.
If you are contacted by anyone (else) stating that they are from CocoTutti or that they have CocoTutti chocolate for sale, PLEASE ignore them.  The only authorized dealer in Seattle is at Sweet Mickey's.


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