Montage (Mixed Fruit) Jam

$ 10.00

So at the end of the day, we've ended up with a little of this and that.  And it becomes our Montage Jam.  The recipe varies according to the day - some with more strawberry, and/or raspberry, and/or blueberry, and/or blackberry, or ....?  You get the idea.  We have 2 Montages so far, with more to come throughout the summer, but all with lots of flavor
Option 1:  Strawberry 58%, Peach 29%, Blueberry 12%, Blackberry 1%
Option 2:  Raspberry 49%, Strawberry 22%, Blackberry 21%, Blueberry 8%
Option 3:  Raspberry 54%, Strawberry 22%, Blackberry 18%, Blueberry 6%

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